It can start with a button. Or the color on a neighbors accent wall. Or a leaf blowing down the sidewalk. Texture. Color. Movement. Millinery is the art for those who find beauty everywhere. It is filled with clean lines and unusual shapes. Sharp contrasts and plush textures. Movement and structure.

Once inspiration strikes the journey begins. Will those loose pearls give a classic detail to a sleek fedora? Or adorn the spokes of a headpiece that literally looks out of this world? It is a journey with many forks in the road and one rarely traveled twice. And while the materials used to create millinery are as diverse as they are beautiful the end result has one uncompromising rule, above all, the final piece must enhance the wearers natural beauty.

Fine materials, couture technique, and the ability to combine the two is what makes these pieces labors of love. They are handmade and one of a kind. We do not glue. We do not take shortcuts. We admire and treasure the long line of Milliners before us who set the bar so high and strive to emulate their craftsmanship. The art is in finding the right combination of techniques and materials. Perhaps it looks as if the feather on the hat simply landed there. But it is the skill of the milliner that makes this illusion secure. These are the techniques that are mastered in decades, not years. And are what challenge us to create simply fabulous confections to be worn on the head.